Benefits Of Streamlining Access Recertification

Access Recertification is a nightmare for any organization looking to fulfill SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, GDPR, or PCI compliance. For the majority of organizations, the current process of conducting access reviews consists of an extremely manual, undefined, and unclear set of rules and processes. As organizations continue to mature within their IT stack, it will dramatically increase the difficulty to comply. As newer regulations such as GDPR and CCPA come into play alongside SOX and other regulatory means, it is important now more than ever to increase internal security and build a scalable and repeatable process. If your current process consists of pulling and massaging data into an excel spreadsheet, manually matching users, sending emails back and forth, and manually building reports to show attestation, there is an easier way. Utilizing a tool such as SecurEnds brings visibility into internal access as well as completely eliminates the need for reviews to be done on excel.

The biggest wins our customers see by utilizing SecurEnds has been the ability to rapidly stand up our cloud offering, ingesting data in a multitude of ways, and instantly begin access reviews without the need for constant email messaging. This Governance-Focused solution has been used by organizations across all industries as well as all sizes. Having one centralized identity and a single pane of glass for access has been a greatly increased data transparency for our customers. Once all the data and information that is in scope for reviews has been pulled into the tool, our customers have the ability to create an easily repeatable and user-friendly process to hugely increase compliance and build operational efficiencies from the current, manual process.On average, organizations coming from a manual process have seen a 60% decrease in time spent using SecurEnds. The time savings alone will provide a huge return in hard dollars saved by allowing your employees to focus on more critical and revenue driving activities.

SecurEnds is leading the market with its lightweight, highly configurable and industry first flex-connector product that keeps companies secure while meeting audit and compliance requirements. Our software allows you to load user data from multiple system of record, connect dynamically to applications, match identities with user credentials, manage heartbeat identities across connected and disconnected, schedule one-time or periodic access recertifications and create proof of compliance for external auditors. In only 30 minutes, we can demo why our SAAS software is now a leading choice for identity governance.

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