KuppingerCole Executive View on SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management

SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management

Due to the potential impact of security risks arising from a lack of proper access governance controls, access governance has become a vital IAM technology for any organization. SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management (CEM) simplifies user entitlement activities through automation and insightful analytics, giving organizations control of their user access governance.

SecurEnds is a vendor to watch for its innovation and technology in the access governance market. “SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management (CEM) is capable of managing access requests, access notifications, access reviews, and certifications. SecurEnds provides a wide range of connectors to the most common and popular identity repositories and user applications and services. It supports multi-vendor cloud identity solutions out of the box”.

Download the report at: https://www.securends.com/kuppingercole-executive-view/

Read the report from https://plus.kuppingercole.com/article/ev80150/securends-credential-entitlement-management/



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